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High Defense Bypass

Our stresser bypasses 95% of all the popular DDoS protections.

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Trusted & Established

We are here to stay, our powerful website demonstrates our quality.

Smart DDoS Attacks

Our attack methods use the latest technology to detect and bypass protections.

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Dedicated Staff

Our team is ready to help, just send uss a message and we'll get back to you.

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Flexible Contracts

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Purchase your subscription automatically, receive it in 15 minutes or less.

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Untreaceable Attacks

All lite stresser attacks are completely untraceable and come from botnets.

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Secure Platform

Everything is carefully coded to respect users privacy and network security.

What makes us the best web stresser?

It is simple, just compare our website design and professionalism and you will quickly realize that there is no better stresser booter than Lite Stresser.

Test our premium power and enjoy the most powerful DDoS attacks available on the market. Each simultaneous attack has a dedicated space in our attack network, ensure you have a greater power, thats how our network is the most powerful and stable. Our support is fast, our methods are updated and our website is great.

Get a free trial on our IP stresser booter

Yes! We offer a free trial for you to test a weaker version of some DDoS attack methods for free.

For Layer 4 our premium attacks have a power of up to 1m pps (20-40 Gbps) and for Layer 7 up to 100,000 RQPS while our free attacks have 10 times less power. We have a big and powerful attack network with a great up time, offering our customers the ability to DDoS any time, from anywhere completely anonymously.

Ready to test our stresser for free and find out why litestress is the best?

What is a stresser? What is Lite Stress for?

A stresser or booter is a platform that allows you to send real DDoS attacks for the purpose of testing your own website or server against cyber attacks exactly like the ones hackers use to take websites offline.

Lite Stresser provides real powerful DDoS attacks allowing to test any website or server and see if it goes offline with a DDoS attack to raise awareness, over 99% of the websites in the world can go offline because of DDoS attacks, buy and help protect the internet.

Some of the best Lite Stresser's features

  • Send Instant DDoS Attacks In Real Time
  • Stress test websites or servers to improve protection
  • Attack Layer 3, Layer 4, Layer 7 and even .onion domains
  • Our attack methods bypass 99% of DDoS protections and CDNs
  • Talk directly to lite stresser's creators via email or telegram
  • Test the works of our stresser with the free trial we offer to all users
  • Top rated on, an independent stresser rating website

Ready to get started?

Its simple, register a free account, purchase a subscription and start sending DDoS attacks.